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Art Cubus International Inc.. is a family business which transmits the passion of stone work from father to son, for four generations. Our goal is to share it you too.

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Our company had its beginnings in Europe in the 1930s. We arrived in Canada in 1995. Our first factory, in this new home, opened its doors in 1998. Then, needing more space to better serve you, we have established our present address at
9200 Boulevard Bourque Sherbrooke.

Among our clients, we have individuals, general contractors and architects. Borders have no limits for us because we export throughout the America.

Art Cubus Interntional Inc. has a long tradition in the construction world, reconstruction and restoration of public and private buildings in Europe and in North America.
We also specialize in the following areas: sculptures, vases, columns, balustrades, landscaping, countertops, moldings, interior decorations.

In short, our only limit is your imagination!

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