Art Cubus International Inc. is a family business transmitting its passion for stones from father to son for four generations. Our company got started in Europe in the 1930s. The founder left his job as a farmer to start his little company engaged in the business of monuments and crosses made of limestone. Unlike wood, these mortuary objects built from limestone survived the test of time, ensuring prosperity and longevity for the work of our ancestor, the first stonecutter of a long line. He shared his knowledge to his son Milenko, who did it in turn to his son Slavoljub. When the latter picked up the torch, he named the family business, Cubus. The cube is indeed robust, straight, regular, and constitutes a solid foundation to all. His son Davor, today, who as a child was following his father to the factory as soon as he wasn’t in school, takes over.


We carried on the tradition through time, but also through history and beyond the Atlantic Ocean. In 1995, we had to leave it all behind because of the war that was raging in our country, and we went to Canada.


Our first plant, in our welcoming country, opened in 1998 and was located in a farm building. Later on, we rented a place in a building owned by a fertilizer producer.


Then, needing more space to perfect ourselves in the field, to increase our skills, and also to better serve our customers, we established our company at its present location in 2004. Our work is more than just a job. It’s a pleasure, a privilege that we had to successfully cross over the ocean and preserve the tradition.