Art Cubus International Inc. est une entreprise familiale qui transmet la passion de la pierre de père en fils depuis quatre générations. Notre compagnie a connu ses débuts en Europe dans les années 1930. Le fondateur a quitté son travail de fermier pour démarrer sa petite entreprise de monuments et croix en calcaire. Contrairement au bois, ces objets funéraires survivaient au temps, assurant ainsi  prospérité et longévité au travail de notre ancêtre, qui fut le premier d’une grande


We carried on the tradition through time, but also through history and beyond the Atlantic Ocean. In 1995, we had to leave it all behind because of the war that was raging in our country, and we went to Canada.


Our first plant, in our welcoming country, opened in 1998 and was located in a farm building. Later on, we rented a place in a building owned by a fertilizer producer.


Then, needing more space to perfect ourselves in the field, to increase our skills, and also to better serve our customers, we established our company at its present location in 2004. Our work is more than just a job. It’s a pleasure, a privilege that we had to successfully cross over the ocean and preserve the tradition.