The passion for stones

From father to son, over four generations

Fascinating, unique, elegant, natural, eternal.

It’s a privilege to shape it, to reveal the essence, the beauty, the nuances, and the texture. Create objects in various forms and dimensions that will be enjoyed for years to come. Stones are durable and timeless.

We wish to share our passion with you through our products of quality designed in Sherbrooke. We will be able to advise you in finding what best suits your needs.

Each product can be customized to meet your expectations. Our raw materials, namely granite, marble, limestone and soapstone, provide their own unique character to each piece that we sculpt.

A love for stones since 1930

Our clients include individuals, general contractors and architects. Borders are no limit for us, as we export throughout the Americas. Art Cubus International Inc. has a long tradition in constructing and restoring public and private buildings in Europe and North America.

We haven’t hired hundreds of employees, but our company instead gathers, like our family, passionate people that have been loving stones for four generations.