Since the dawn of time, humankind works with raw materials for various reasons like survival, comfort and even decoration. With time, tools and techniques became more refined so it was possible to conduct more meticulous work allowing the addition of details transforming everyday sculptures into true artworks. The cultural heritage of all countries tells us of this close link between humankind, nature and aestheticism. All around the world, we find sculptures that have stood the test of time and were created by people who mastered this singular art.

At Art Cubus, we have the audacity to say that we are sculptors and experts, with a passion for details. Natural stone, whether it’s marble, granite or limestone, is our allied and we work it with respect. We shape it in various forms, inspired by our imagination, or the world surrounding us, to transform it into unique pieces from a most simplistic up to a more monumental composition. Despite the technological advances, in addition, we are proud that all our pieces are the result of a hand-moulded human work and not from an assembly line. Working the stone is for us a privilege.

We wish to share our passion with you through our products of quality designed in Sherbrooke. We will be able to advise you in finding what best suits your needs.