Countertops and fireplaces


The kitchen is the ultimate gathering place in a house and we take a keen interest to create it at your image. A stone countertop will offer elegance and robustness. Colours and patterns are in infinite numbers. The stone countertop will harmonize with a kitchen already in place or the one that you have been dreaming of. This is not only about cutting raw material.

The quality of the polish is an essential step to reveal the beauty of the stone’s grain. Many types of edges are also available, from a classic profile to a complex one with several notches. Why not be audacious up to offering you the backsplash made in the same material as your countertop? We can provide valuable advice and work with you so your dream kitchen becomes a reality.


Fire has been part of our life for thousands of years. Its purposes haven’t changed as time passes. And as fascinating as fire can be in itself, we are committed to highlight it with a mantelpiece that will make it more majestic. Natural stones like marble, limestone and granite constitute all excellent choices to serve an embellishment function.

Whether its compose with a shelf, a contour, a floorboard, or a full showing from floor to ceiling, your mantelpiece will reflect your personality through your choices of colours, textures, dimensions and its sculpturing details. Allow us to help you make your fireplace a unique one, durable, aesthetic, in short to be the heart of your house creating a home typical of yourself.

We wish to share our passion with you through our products of quality designed in Sherbrooke. We will be able to advise you in finding what best suits your needs.