Windowsills, aprons, balusters and columns

Coming from Eastern Europe, we grew up in an architectural landscape, reflecting the influence of history and art throughout the ages, giving it both a unique and magnificent character. These architectures spanned over time and imposed itself by its strength, its elegance as well as its complexity.

We have the ambition to express our admiration for these architectural details that embellish a home, a business, an office, in short, a living space. Immerse yourself into your contemplative moments in front of a building, a sumptuous home in Westmount, the New York Public Library, or even a Greek temple. The architectural elements like the windowsills and aprons adding character to windows, columns surmounted by their ravens and acanthus leaves or balusters, commonly referred to as poles, with their square or round shapes, having caught your eye.

These are grand examples, by their prestige, but they can be scaled up for a home. Customer needs, of course, are changing over time, as well as fashion trends. Our windowsills and aprons, balusters and columns are, however, timeless and may as well be in harmony with a modern landscape or staying true to the tradition and evoke nostalgia of the past, as you would prefer.

They will certainly bring in all their forms a unique and majestic touch to your home or your business, maintenance free and at a cost that will surprise you. And just like for the Acropolis of Athens, passersby will remember your building, which is going to be distinguished from others and contemplated for generations to come.

We wish to share our passion with you through our products of quality designed in Sherbrooke. We will be able to advise you in finding what best suits your needs.