Vases and funerary objects

Funerary objects

Life comes to an end. It’s a contract we are each bound to. While we have little to say about it, we can nevertheless choose how we will be represented after our passing. Natural stone represents both our origins and posterity. This stone is eternal. It makes it possible to create urns and monuments that are evoking the memory of the departed and expressing the attachment of loved ones. We are committed to the wishes of the deceased person and that of the family to be heard and answered.

We custom designed cinerary urns and funerary monuments, while respecting the desired material, the imagined form, and others expressed needs. We also offer a vast range of funerary flower vases to embellish the burial. We will be present and listen intently to accompany you in this inevitable stage of life.


Funerary vases are often perceived as simple objects, sober, sometimes even common. A recipient in which we put flowers. Vases are yet an integral part of decoration and style that we wish to give to a place that radiates who we are. Vases in natural stone are elegant and durable, and their creation gives free rein to your imagination.

We can design them to your liking, in terms of colour, texture, form or size. Whether you place them on a table in your home or as an ornament on your balcony, they will please you through time. Why not having the courage to integrate a unique touch to your surroundings!

We wish to share our passion with you through our products of quality designed in Sherbrooke. We will be able to advise you in finding what best suits your needs.